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Customer Testimonials

"Kat is AWESOME! Her food is amazing, healthy & kid friendly. My family has gone from constant eating out to having wonderful, home cooked meals without the stress & prep time that we don't have to begin with. We are so thankful that we found Kat & wish we had started using her sooner. Thank you so much for all the time you spend shopping, prepping & cooking for us!"


                                                                                          -Erika Johnson, Tampa FL 

"Kat is amazing! Her food is delicious and she is able to modify all dishes to fit my dietary restrictions. Our family loves the variety that she provides as well! As a working mom, I greatly appreciate that I don’t have to go to the grocery store or worry about what meal to provide each night! She really is a life saver! Kat, thank you for all you do! We highly recommend!"

                                                                                  -Julie Chavero, Tampa FL

"Kat made me two meals for our vacation and my family cannot stop raving about them! Kat even made some chicken nuggets for the kids. My son who despises chicken nuggets not only ate them, he told me to call Kat and have her make more when they were gone!"

- Emily Lipman Brown, Tampa FL

"Omgosh!! Kat is the BEST! She has taken the burden off of me to cook wholesome, home cooked meals for my family. My husb...and and I own our own business and I was finding no time for shopping and cooking and of course the clean up so it resulted in constant dining out. Not the best for health and weight!! I am so thankful to Kat for all the prep work, shopping and preparing that she does and the delicious meals that she makes that are healthy and KID FRIENDLY:) It literally takes us 10-20 min to get a meal on the table and the cleanup is done in 5 minutes. Not to mention that she has taken special cautions for my daughter who has severe peanut/tree nut allergies. Kat is GREAT and I would highly recommend her services!!!"

-Vonnie, Wesley Chapel FL

"I am a mom who works full time. The evening hours are precious. Each week day, I have a 3 hour block of time from the moment I pick up the kids from aftercare until the moment that they go to bed. A lot has to be completed in that short window of time. Before I started using Kat's services, it was taking me far too long (30-45 minutes) to make a healthy dinner that my whole family could share. I started working with Kat so that I could have a fresh prepared dinner cooked and on the table within 10 minutes of walking in the door. The meals are delicious and healthy. All of us are happy to have Kat in our lives.

For us, Kat does all the meal planning. She asks for special requests, but for the most part she does all the thinking and planning with regard to our meals. I love that she occasionally has us try new things. The kids will try new things that Kat has made because she introduced the kids to her “heavenly” meatloaf and her “best meal ever” empanadas.

The value of having dinner on hand and not thinking about dinner until I arrive at home is significant. Although I pay Kat weekly for her time and the food, I think I am still saving some money on this arrangement. I am not buying ingredients for meals I will never make. I am not picking up takeout or drive-through meals from restaurants anymore. I am not spending hours of my time planning and shopping for meals. It is just much easier now."

-Ellen Lyons, Tampa, FL

"Kat prepared and served many of my clients their first meal in their new home on their moving day! My clients were so happy not to have to cook or plan their evening meal on that busy and stressful day and I get to show them my appreciation for their business with a special gesture that leaves a lasting impression. Kat's services are both dependable and delicious!"

-Julie Split Keyes, Berkshire Hathaway Realty, San Diego CA

"After being diagnosed with breast cancer, my medical team insisted that I change my diet to include more organic and healthy foods. Thank goodness I found Kat. She took all my demands, requirements and nutritional needs and turned them into wonderful low fat and healthy meals. Who knew brussel sprouts, beets and kale could be so tasty. Kat worked for me 2-3 days a week for over 2 years. She created a healthful menu of dinners for my two teenage boys and me and whipped up soups and other dishes that I took to the office. The boys just loved her lasagna and turkey tacos and I really enjoyed the fish dishes she created. It was so nice to turn it all over to Kat and feel assured that I was eating properly while enjoying it all too."

- Margot Simington, San Diego, CA

"In addition to working as my assistant for 2 years, Kat helped make my 50th birthday an event to remember! Kat does it with flare and panache. The food was delicious and expertly prepared. She was timely and professional and I would recommend her to anyone."

- Lance Dore, The Dore Group, San Diego, CA

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